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According to the latest TS rulings, the Labor Inspectorate has issued a note in which it determines that it is not a mandatory obligation the timetable of all staff …Read more
Royal Decree-Law 3/2016, of 2 December, allows only agree to rescheduling of certain tax debts, including the IGIC …Read more
As of January 1, 2017, to request the deferral or split of debts of the IGIC, it must be duly justified that the assessed contributions have not actually been paid.Read more
Judgment of the Supreme Court 1023/2016 of 1 December.

The Supreme Court has issued a ruling these days revoking its own doctrine for 2011 (STS of December 22, 2011), allowing the substitution of the paper copy of the payroll of the worker by the personalized delivery (under certain conditions) of the same to employee. Read more

By Ministerial Order dated 12/09/2016, the obligation to have the Companies’ Workbook on the Labor and Social Security Inspection Book is removed from the companies, and the diligence that was recorded in them was recorded in the model of diligence approved in Said Order. Therefore the old Book of Visit, happens to better life and will cease to be part of the obligatory business documentation.Read more

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