Claims ManagementMontelongo Asesores offers specialized management services that cover the entire cycle of debt management and recovery in practice:

In a first phase we proceed to the extrajudicial claim with a registered letter with notice of receipt, urging the debtor to pay; telephone negotiations; facilitating a meeting with the debtor on a possible deferred payment of the debt and setting the default interest inherent thereto; monitoring of the effective settlement of the debt as agreed.

The judicial claim of unpaid bills until recently was in many cases an unfeasible alternative due to the disproportion of costs in relation to the profit obtained, especially for small amounts. With the reform of the Law of Civil Procedure of 2000, which introduced the figure of the process monitorio, a tool was launched to claim and collect debts in an agile and accessible, compared to the previous situation.

The management of these procedures is a task that can lead to multiple phases, from the submission of the initial petition, to the judicial execution after obtaining the sentence.

The only necessary means to initiate a monitoring process on behalf of our clients are:

The advantages offered by the judicial claim are:

Montelongo Asesores is in charge of informing you legally of all the procedures, necessary means and time that it takes to process the Monitoring Procedure, taking care of all your procedure.

In particular our team of lawyers is specialized in the processing of:

We also have preventive programs for companies of all their possible debts and unpaid, with a fixed amount to pay monthly for the recovery management. Contact us without any commitment.

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