Company Constitution in The Canary Islands. Sociedades - ConstituciónMontelongo Asesores advises on all matters relating to the constitution, modification, excision, merger and extinction of legal entities such as corporations, limited liability companies or private civil companies.

We can manage your registration in the Mercantile Registry and, if you wish, our Consultancy can handle everything related to taxation and accounting of your company already in operation.

The first step is choosing the most convenient type of company.

We can help you in the correct definition of the type of company (autonomous, associated or linked), which may be more suitable to your initiative or undertaking, according to the typologies in force since January 1, 2005, for which a transparent method of financial limits and number of partners of each modality.

In the case of companies, the prior and correct drafting of the Bylaws governing the entity and the relationships between the partners is also necessary.

In any case it is necessary to carry out a whole series of legal procedures, such as:

Individual companies

Process of incorporation:

Procedures to exercise the activity:

Collectivities without legal personality: Community of civil society

Process of incorporation:

Tax & Duties:

Mercantile Societies: Collective Society, Simple Compendium Company Comanditaria por ações, Sociedad Anónima, Sociedad Limitada y Sociedad Limitada de Nueva Empresa

Process of incorporation:

Procedures to exercise the activity:

In the New Company Limited Company the previous step for its constitution is the obtaining of the social denomination.

Special Mercantile Societies: Labor Society, Cooperative Society, Reciprocal Guarantee Society, Capital-Risk Entities and Groups of Economic Interest.

Process of incorporation:

In all these procedures, Montelongo Asesores can help you with fast cost-effective management.

Once your company is established and regardless of the form you have, we advise you legally, fiscally and accounting, and manage any aspect of its regular operation; accounting for companies, from the purchase or sale of shares or stakes to increases or decreases in capital, funds, taxes, contracts, accounting system, etc.

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