making a will in spain and inheritanceThe death of a loved one or family member always means difficult decisions and the involvement of multiple professionals or agencies. This can be further complicated if the various processes need to be coordinated between more than one country, or you don’t speak fluent Spanish.

Fortunately, Montelongo’s English speaking lawyers have many years of experience, working in the area of wills, probate, inheritance and succession. They have developed an efficient and straightforward methodology designed to make what can be a very difficult period as easy as possible for family members and spouses.

As experts in the Spanish Social Security System we can take care of all the paperwork on your behalf and, if necessary, manage the deceased’s estate – including banking, pensions, property and tax.

Where any form of legal action arises from a death, our legal team will represent your best interests and achieve closure as quickly as possible.

We have an excellent relationship with many of the leading Spanish insurance companies, including MAPFRE and Preventiva, as well as national and local funeral providers, such as MEMORY or Funeraria La Soledad and Funeraria Padrón.

Administrative work:

Legal advice:

Financial advice:

Other paperwork related to inheritance.

Once we have issued all the necessary documents (death certificate, last will and testament, insurance certificate, family book cut and pension) and a waiting period of thirty days has passed, if required we can proceed with the following paperwork:

These are the most common procedures related to the acceptance of inheritance. Depending on your circumstances there may be others. As a professional team of lawyers our goal and commitment is to keep you informed of every aspect of your situation and to act with your best interests in mind at all times.

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