What we do?

Labour Advice

At a time when market demands are forcing companies to outsource internal services, labour advice has become very important, both in terms of changing laws and the job security of employees.

Companies need advice, not only to avoid disciplinary measures by labour authorities, but also to effectively apply regulations for workers. At Montelongo Asesores, a large part of our work is staying up to date with current legislation, ensuring our clients remain aware and in full compliance of employment law.

Our commercial and employment services include:

  • Opening of centres of work and registration of companies in the Social Security system
  • Preparation and drafting of employment contracts
  • Registration and de-registration of personnel
  • Mechanized preparation of salary receipts, Social Security contributions and subsequent tax documents
  • Preparation of contract settlements and company certificates
  • Study, update and maintenance of the company’s workforce documentation
  • Consultancy for Self-Employed and Agrarian workers
  • Processing of work permits in Spain (Initial Registration, family reunification and procedures to legalize the situation of EU citizens)
  • Grants
  • Retirement, widowhood, orphanhood, disability
  • Administration of layoffs and temporary layoffs
  • Labour Lawsuits
  • Labour inspections
  • Social Security claims