What we do?

Tax Advice

We aim to ensure complete client compliance with all tax regulations and accountancy law in accordance with legal requirements. At the same time our goal is always to provide effective advice for our clients to obtain the greatest possible saving in costs.

Our English language tax services include:

  • Study, drafting and presentation of national and municipal tax declarations
  • Company formalities
  • Value-added tax (VAT)
  • Income tax
  • Non-resident tax issues
  • Inheritance tax
  • Business tax
  • Start-up assistance to ZEC (Special taxation zone) companies
  • Study, execution and presentation of appeals on tax matters
  • Attendance and representation before Tax Inspection authorities
  • General advice on tax matters and information on tax obligations
  • Accountancy planning in accordance with the Spanish General Accountancy Plan
  • Legalisation and launch of official accounts, ‘books’ or equivalent documents
  • Mechanised drafting of accounts and filing of company accounts, in bound book format, to the Companies Register
  • Permanent advice and information on accounts and situation analysis of companies