Grants and Subsidies

Grants and Subsidies
Montelongo can help you understand and receive grants and subsidies in a wide range of areas.

There are many public subsidies available at local, regional, state and European level. Some have very short deadlines that potential beneficiaries do not get to know in time, or procedures that companies are not familiar with and difficult to meet.

The ordinary procedure for the granting of subsidies is processed under competitive competition, according to Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Subsidies.

They exist in many sectors and activities, and for many different purposes:

  • Investments
  • Innovation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reform and rehabilitation of buildings and houses
  • Agricultural Grants
  • Employment contracts
  • Etc etc.

Each Autonomous Community now has its own subsidy programs for self-employed, usually money from European funds for development or national programs, so that their operation is quite similar from one autonomous community to another, with a series of common characteristics, such as:

  1. The amount of a subsidy can vary depending on many factors: autonomous profile, business activity, degree of innovation, legal form, investment to be made, employment to be created, socioeconomic impact in your locality and territory of implementation, etc.
  2. Despite the institutional publicity, getting them is neither easy, nor fast, nor safe.
  3. The investment subsidies are usually paid after executing the same, reason why previously it has to finance it of another form.
  4. They usually only finance part of the money they need. Normally they demand that the self-employed provide some equity.
  5. Local Development Agencies and entities that support entrepreneurs in each Autonomous Community are usually in charge of their management.
  6. They are convened according to the needs of a territory (Autonomous Community or State) and political programs.
  7. The bases of the calls for subsidies are only published in the BOE or in the official Bulletins of the province.

The aid, loans and subsidies in general are adjusted to conditions well detailed in the basis of the calls. These conditions must be fulfilled obligatorily not to be later with the “surprise” of having to proceed to its return and payment of interest.

At Montelongo Advisors we also assist you in the appropriate justification before the competent body.