Hotels & Tourism

Hotels & Tourism
Spain and in particular the Canary Islands are a tourist destination par excellence.

The tourism, hotel and restaurant sector has reached the levels of excellence of quality and professionalism that all visitors can enjoy within our borders.

Travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, pubs, entertainment venues, catering companies, etc. today combine a very attractive offer for the stays in our country, also contributing a very important contribution to the national GDP.

To achieve this enormous value, the sector is subject to a very important and specific legislative regulation, and there are many state and regional laws affecting this type of business, in addition to many municipal ordinances.

In Montelongo Advisors. we deal with all aspects that concern this particular sector:

  • Opening licenses.
  • Exercise of the activities of the Travel Agencies.
    (Hotel, aparthotels, bed & breakfast, motel, inn, apartment, etc.)
  • Acquisition and / or sale of tourism-hotel assets or real estate for development.
  • Hotel contracts.
  • Franchise agreements.
  • Tourist exploitation contracts.
  • Hotel rating.
  • Rural houses and rural complexes.
  • Products of various extra-hotel accommodations.
  • Tourist apartments.
  • Vacation Club Structures.
  • Timesharing structures (fractionals, point programs).
  • Restoration (restaurants, bars, cafes, breweries, etc.)
  • Prepared food and fast food establishments.
  • Codex alimentarario.
  • Problems of food handling.
  • Technical and sanitary requirements and facilities.
  • Leisure establishments (pubs, discotheques, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Special establishments: theme parks, resorts, golf clubs, casinos, etc.
  • Acoustic contamination and noises.
  • Regulation of disturbing, unhealthy, harmful and dangerous activities.
  • Regulating ordinances of the closing hours of leisure facilities.
  • Anti-tobacco law.
  • New regulations prohibiting refillable oils.
  • Inspections.
  • Administrative sanctioning procedures.
  • Particular complaints.
  • Advice to Communities of Owners related to leisure establishments.

We can help you with all the legal issues that affect your establishment.