Registering your workforce is not obligatory

According to the latest TS rulings, the Labor Inspectorate has issued a note stating that it is not a mandatory obligation to register the entire workforce, requiring this requirement only for part-time workers and to spend what they do extraordinary hours.

The operative part of the Inspection Note is as follows:

  • The lack of the timetable of all the staff is not constitutive of violation of the social order, since it is not an obligation due to business..
  • Based on proven facts, logical reasoning or deductions in the inspections, and the doctrine of evidence or indirect evidence (that which allows to give by creditors in a judicial process facts about which there is no direct evidence but from the Which are considered to be proven other related facts) the inspectors will ensure compliance with legal limits on working time and overtime.
  • It is considered applicable the requirement of time registration, not to be affected by the new doctrine, in sectors such as: mobile workers in road transport, merchant marine and rail sector.
  • The obligation to register part-time workers and overtime workers is maintained.